Tire Center

Tire tread is what helps your tires grip the road and helps your vehicle respond quicker to slippery weather conditions. If the tread is worn down, your tire traction is drastically impacted, putting your safety at risk.  

At Sonic’s Tire Center, we have the inside track on tire tech basics, with valuable tips to help you get the most out of your tires. One trick we can reveal now is the “penny test.” 

Did you know that a penny can be used to help you check your tire tread? No matter what type of tires you’re driving on, the “penny test” will tell you if the tire tread is too low and needs to be replaced. Basically, how it works is by placing a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down into the shallowest groove on the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then this means your tire treads are worn and the tire needs to be replaced.

Clean Wheels and Tire Shine

At Sonic, we also know how to clean wheels and shine tires – wheels get pressure sprayed and tires get dressed and buffed. We provide tire shine and wheel brite – a foam chemical application that loosens brake dust and road grime from the wheels.  

Whether your tires need to be replaced or need to be shined like a diamond, Sonic has you covered on all ends. Just give us a call (516) 427-5030.