NYS Inspection

All vehicles registered in the state of New York must pass an inspection every 12 months or when the ownership of the vehicle is transferred. 

NYS Inspections are used to ensure that every vehicle on the road is safe, efficient, and performing as intended. Read on to learn what an NYS Inspection consists of.

What is Included in an NYS Inspection?

All NYS inspections for cars and light trucks include the following:

  1. Seat belts are inspected for proper operation and anchorage.
  2. Brake inspections include checks on brake pedal reserve, brake pedal fade, power brake unit, brake master cylinder, disc brake pads, drum brake pads, drum brake linings, brake drums and/or rotors, wheel cylinders, all brake lines and hoses, parking brake, and brake equalization.
  3. Steering, front end, suspension, chassis, frame, and wheel fasteners are inspected.
  4. Tires are checked for tread depth, tire condition, and tire pressure.
  5. All lights are inspected for operation, proper mounting, and broken or missing lenses.
  6. Windshields and all windows are checked for approved safety glass, condition, and cracks.
  7. Horn is checked for mounting and operation.
  8. Mirrors are checked for proper mounting, cracks, breaks, and/or discoloration.
  9. Vehicle is inspected for fuel leaks.
To learn more about NYS Inspections, head to the New York DMV website.