Interior VAC Service

The process of cleaning the interior of a vehicle starts with a good vacuum job. And, to do a good job, having a good quality vacuum is essential.

At Sonic, we have some of the top vacuum equipment that has the performance capabilities to ensure the best possible results when vacuuming any car. Our vacuums are equipped with a single hose that produces 100 percent of the airflow and suction power to suck up crumbs, dirt, and other debris buried deep between the car seats.

For high-quality VAC service results, Sonic uses:
  • Vacuums that generate at least 100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow
  • Vacuums that produce at least 100 inches of water suction power
  • Validated vacuum hoses and tools

At Sonic, we ensure a safe environment and keep all vacuum filters clean and make sure all seals are in good condition.