Car Wash

At Sonic Car Wash, we take pride in guaranteeing you the best car wash experience! We strive to have excellent customer service coupled with our hyper-clean facilities. We train our staff to be knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt with every wash. 

We offer the latest technologies in car washing with the fastest service. Just leave it to Sonic Car Wash as we use soft cloths, eco-friendly soaps and waxes, water, a smooth conveyor system, and power air dryers to bring your car to a new level of clean.

Long Island winters can be brutal for your car with all the snow, salt, grim, and grit – but at our Nassau County car wash your vehicle will leave shiny and clean and ready to get back on the road in just minutes.

Safety First

At Sonic Car Wash, all of our equipment is controlled by a sophisticated computer system that ensures safety and consistency for each wash. 

Soap That Offers Shine

We use specific soap that is environmentally safe and creates a glow on your car.

No Marks, No Dull Finishes

All of our products including the soft cloths we use help to buff your car and improve its shine so that there are no water spots or dull finishes. We also use rain repellant in our solutions to repel water from the surface of the vehicle and the windows when it rains. This will help you worry less about the rain on the windshield and concentrate more on the road ahead.

Car Wash Services
Wax On, Wax Off

Wax not only gives your car an attractive shine, but it also adds extra protection against harsh weather, salt, bird droppings, pollen, UV rays, and air pollution. At Sonic Car Wash, we offer the top brands of foam car wax and sealant for that layered protection.